General Call

Feminist Economics provides an open forum for dialogue and debate about feminist economic perspectives. The journal solicits high quality contributions from a broad spectrum of intellectual traditions in economics. It welcomes the treatment of economic issues from cross-disciplinary and cross-country perspectives. Contributions from countries in the South are especially welcome, as are those from non-economists concerned with economic issues.

Specifically, Feminist Economics seeks submissions that:

* stimulate dialogue and debate on feminist economic perspectives among diverse scholars worldwide

* extend feminist theoretical and methodological insights into economics

* promote a rethinking of theory and policy in diverse fields, including those not directly related     to gender

* provide insights into the relationship between gender and power relations in the economy

* explore the construction and legitimation of economic knowledge, including cultural, institutional, and historical influences

* advance inquiry into economic issues affecting the lives of all children, women, and men.

The journal also solicits short exploratory essays and comments on previously published articles. Articles should be written clearly and concisely and be accessible both to economists and to scholars in related fields who are concerned with economic issues.

For information on how to submit articles, please go to Author Instructions.