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The Feminist Economics Journal Endowment

The Feminist Economics Journal Endowment was established to ensure the journal's long-term future as a leading forum for dialogue and debate about feminist economic concerns, which include opening new areas of economic inquiry, enlarging economic discourse, welcoming underrepresented voices, and engaging with economic issues that directly affect women’s and human well-being.

Once Feminist Economics develops an endowment that generates sufficient interest to cover a large part of its operating costs, it will have an enduring source of support for its goal – not just to develop more illuminating theories, but also to improve the conditions of living for all children, women and men.

The IAFFE Endowment Fund

The International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) has also created an endowment to ensure its long-term future as an organization dedicated to fostering international dialogue, informing policy, and expanding opportunities for women from underrepresented groups. For further information on the IAFFE Endowment Fund, please go to

A Lifetime of Support

Your donation to either the Feminist Economics Journal Endowment or the IAFFE Endowment Fund will provide long-term support for these groundbreaking institutions. You may choose to donate by credit card on our secure website, or you may download a contribution form and return it by mail or fax.

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Dr. Ann Mari May
Executive Vice President and Treasurer, IAFFE 
Department of Economics, College of Business Administration
371 CBA, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0479 USA

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