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Welcome to Feminist Economics Research Notes. This series of concise, nontechnical summaries of articles from the award -winning journal, Feminist Economics, makes important new feminist economic research available to a broad audience. The Notes provide policymakers, activists, and students with access to informed analyses of economic issues influencing the well-being of women, children and men.

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Günseli Berik and Diana Strassmann
Editors, Feminist Economics


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Volume 19, Issue 3

FERN 19.3 Cover page

Icon FERN193Cover (721.1 KB)  

Critical Perspectives on Financial and Economic Crises: Heterodox Macroeconomics Meets Feminist Economics
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, James Heintz, and Stephanie Seguino
Icon FukudaParrHeintzSeguino (124.2 KB)  

Global Financial Governance and Development Finance in the Wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis
Ilene Grabel
Icon Grabel (124.0 KB)  

Austerity Measures in Developing Countries: Public Expenditure Trends and the Risks to Children and Women
Isabel Ortiz and Matthew Cummins
Icon OrtizCummins (124.6 KB)  

Economic Crisis, Gender Equality, and Policy Responses in Spain and Canada
Kathleen A. Lahey and Paloma de Villota
Icon LaheyVillota (124.8 KB)  

Economic Recession and Recovery in the UK: What's Gender Got to Do with It?
Ailsa McKay, Jim Campbell, Emily Thomson and Susanne Ross
Icon McKayCampbellThomsonRoss (124.6 KB)  

Race, Gender, Power, and The US Subprime Mortgage and Foreclosure Crisis: A Meso Analysis
Gary Dymski, Jesus Hernandez, and Lisa Mohanty
Icon DymskiHernandezMohanty (124.7 KB)  

Financialization, the Great Recession, and the Stratification of the US Labor Market
Philip Arestis, Aurélie Charles, and Giuseppe Fontana
Icon ArestisCharlesFontana (123.7 KB)  

Estimating the Impact of the 2008–09 Economic Crisis on Work Time in Turkey
Seçil A. Kaya Bahçe and Emel Memis
Icon BahceMemis (123.9 KB)  

Time Allocation of Married Mothers and Fathers in Hard Times: The 2007–09 US Recession
Günseli Berik and Ebru Kongar
Icon BerikKongar (123.8 KB)


Volume 19, Issue 2

19.2 Cover page
Icon FERN192Cover.pdf (111.4 KB)  

A Critical Assessment of UNDP's Gender Inequality Index
Iñaki Permanyer
Icon Permanyer.pdf (120.1 KB)

Does Gender Affect Mortgage Choice? Evidence from the US
Chau Do and Irina Paley
Icon DoPaley.pdf (118.2 KB)  

Gender and Poverty Risk in Europe
Elena Bárcena-Martín and Ana I. Moro-Egido
Icon BarcenaMartinMoroEgido.pdf (117.7 KB)  

Reciprocity in Caring Labor: Nurses' Work in Residential Aged Care in Australia
Valerie Adams and Rhonda Sharp
Icon AdamsSharp.pdf (117.3 KB)  

Socioeconomic Effects on the Stature of Nineteenth-Century US Women
Scott Alan Carson
Icon Carson.pdf (118.2 KB)  

Volume 19, Issue 1

19.1 Cover page
Icon FERN191Cover.pdf (110.6 KB)

Women's Empowerment and Gender Bias in the Birth and Survival of Girls in Urban India
Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee
Icon Mukherjee.pdf (117.8 KB)  

Border Enforcement and Selection of Mexican Immigrants in the United States  
Fernando A. Lozano and Mary J. Lopez
Icon LozanoLopez.pdf (97.4 KB)  

Negotiating Domestic Labor: Women's Earnings and Housework Time in Australia
Janeen Baxter and Belinda Hewitt
Icon BaxterHewitt.pdf (97.7 KB)