A journal of high scholarly standards on the role of gender in the economy. It meets a need not well served by other journals and should play an increasing part in providing a forum for important research.

Kenneth Arrow
Nobel Prize for Economics 1972
Stanford University, USA

Feminist Economics is an important journal. To scholarship in economics it adds a sustained focus on problems of gender, seen from a rich variety of methodological perspectives. To the feminist literature it adds rigorous exploration of the economic aspects of women's inequality. Bold, insightful, and wide-ranging, it illuminates issues of urgent importance.

Martha Nussbaum
University of Chicago, USA

An important new voice bringing a fresh perspective to familiar topics and raising new and significant issues for analysis and debate.

Francine D. Blau
Cornell University, USA

Feminist Economics has become, with remarkable speed, a leading journal in economics, vastly enriching the understanding of important economic issues.

Amartya Sen
Nobel Prize for Economics 1998
Harvard University, USA

This bright new journal offers its readers the kind of expanded understandings of social relations that are crucial for designing a more just and humane world.

Sandra Harding
University of California, Los Angeles, USA

The way to think about Feminist Economics is that there are a lot of very important economic problems that get seriously discussed nowhere else.

Robert Solow
Nobel Prize for Economics 1987
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

A necessary voice in the challenge to mainstream economics and in the development of a feminist alternative. Scholarly and provocative, it is 'must' reading for social scientists and social philosophers alike.

Helen E. Longino
Stanford University, USA